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A heavy wool scarf, occasionally known as a muffler, is sometimes wrapped around the neck in the cold climate. Sometimes, especially in winter, you should get an additional layer of clothing like a coat, over or a coat or jacket, especially in winter Even more so, a scarf could be wrapped around the head and around the face and ears to add insulation.

in places where the air is drier or more contaminated, a headscarf, veil, or scarf may be worn over the face. At this point in time, this long-established practice has been grafted onto other cultures, particularly women. The cravat, a descendant of the scarf, originated in Croatia.

Sometimes face scarves are referred to as a 'cowlsleeve scarves'. colloquially known as a scarf

Four scarf knots are popular: the noose, the bow-knot, the knot, the belt, the necktie, the drop-knot, and the fringed kerchief. The scarves can be tied in a variety of ways.

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