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Modern materials have improved the ways in which backpacks are built, providing increased capacity while lowering the overall weight.

The original packs were made from canvas, which was very strong and resistant to the elements, but the weight on the shoulders increased considerably. The bags used today usually come in a lightweight, breathable nylon or similar materials, and are usually at least partially water-resistant.

Clothing is insulating and water-resistant, and includes ponchos, shell suits, insulated underwear, water-proof boots, wind pants, and down gloves, and socks with heavy traction areas, all designed to keep out the water. A simple plastic sheeting tube tent may be stretched over two people, or a freestanding for two people. DACRON, down, or foam sleeping bags may be carried. They make lightweight pots and pans for backpacking, as well as single-pot dishes.

It is a requirement for backpacking that backpackers are able to read topographical maps and know how to use a compass. Backpackers must also must be familiar with basic survival skills and carry emergency food and first aid supplies.

The popularity of backpacking among students increased greatly in the latter part of the 20th century as it became associated with adventure travel in general.

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