Cookie Policy

This guide is all about illustrating the various types of cookies as well as all other monitoring techniques. Nessien may install cookies on your computer when you access our official website or any subsidiary of Nessien.

What Is A Cookie?

Cookies are the set of data files that are installed on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are extensively used by internet content suppliers to enable their platforms or programs to run or operate more effectively and to offer supervision details.

Cookies enhance your surfing experience smoother by enabling the official site to recognize your activities and priorities. This ensures that you do not need to re-enter the details every time you come back to the website or search from one web page to the next. Cookies often offer insight into how users use the services, for example, whether they are exploring the website for the very first time or if they are regular user.

Why We Use Cookies and Why?

Few cookies are needed to enable users to use our facilities, navigate our websites, to use apps and enter secured sections. The usage of such cookies is important for the operation of the web application or the Applications. For e.g., we use encryption cookies to verify consumers of our Websites in addition to avoid malicious usage of authentication details and to secure consumer information from malicious entities.

We also use optimization & Analytics cookies to gather every detail about whether you use our platform or our Utilities so that we can enhance user satisfaction. All these cookies often collect information for official considerations and sometimes use pseudonymous cookie signatures which do not specifically recognize users.

The cookies we use are:

  • Customer-centric cookies to track encryption violations such as frequent unsuccessful login attempts. The above cookies are configured for the sole objective of boosting the protection of the system.
  • Queue management configuration cookies are used to guarantee that the user's client queries are always redirected to the identical domain, hoping to make the performance of the users smooth.
  • Persistent cookies are being used by the user experience to maintain consumer habits for a company through web sites.

Customization cookies are being used on the official site to optimize functionality to you including your preferences and to enable you with much more personalized interaction in the coming years. These cookies recognize that you have accessed our web application and that we can exchange this information with other companies, like advertising companies.

Since these cookies might monitor your computer's visits to our web application as well as other platforms, they are not usually able to uniquely recognize you. Without all these cookies, the ads you see can be less meaningful and valuable to you.

Cookies and Its Management

How long our cookies stay on my mobile device or computer?

The duration of a cookie on your desktop or mobile phone varies from the type of cookie. There are mainly two types of cookie one is persistent and the other one is a session cookie.

A session cookie will exist on your computer until you are browsing. And a persistent cookie will stay forever until and unless you delete them from your computer or mobile phone. See the sections below about how to manage cookies for further detail about how to delete cookies before they expire.

How to control the cookies?

You can monitor and handle cookies in a number of aspects. Please remember that if you want to delete or disable cookies, links to several of the functions or sections of our websites and apps may be limited which could have a harmful effect on your customer satisfaction.

Many browsers immediately accept cookies; however, users can decide whether or not to acknowledge cookies by your user settings, mostly located in the "Resources" or "opinions" section of your browser. As the exact situation and method differ, you can check your web application options menu to find high - quality up-to-date and correct details about how to handle cookies in your web browser of preference.

Many of the 3rd parties’ ads and other programs mentioned in the previous section offer users the choice to opt-out of their schemes specifically. The above is one of the most effective ways to handle the knowledge because it can be extended to all the places they operate.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.