1. Nessien Marketing Platform And Its Features. 

 What are some of the ways I can use Nessien

Nessien is a marketplace platform that was created for the sole purpose of marketing, buying and selling physical or digital products. Here are some ways you can use our platform: 

       Sell or Buy Physical and Digital products.

        Expose your business brand to the world.

        Open a virtual store for selling products.

What is Nessien Supported Currency?

Our website currently supports eleven multicurrency of which we consistently keep on adding more. 

      ∴ USD (Equivalent to United State Dollar)             

      EUR (Equivalent to Euro)

      CAD (Canadien Dollar)

      ANG (Antillean Guilder)

      ARS (Argentinian Nuevo peso)

      ∴ AUD (Australian Dollar)

      BBD (Barbados Dollar)

      BRL (Currency of Brazil)

      GBP (British pound sterling)

      GHS (Ghanaian cedi)

      NGN (Nigerian Naira)

How Do I Become A Verified Nessien Customer?

Register into Nessien system to become a verified user to be able to use the system. 

2. Nessien Login And Registration. 

How Do I Register Into the System To Become A Verified User?

As a Guest, you need to register into the system by clicking on the "Register link" on the top right-hand corner of the browser window with your cursor, a new page will appear, to register with any of your social media examples: Facebook, Gmail, VKontakte. Or you can manually enter your details if you don't have any social media account.

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