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That sort of stuff may appeal to the ladies, but it is most certainly not to me.

Some believe that clothing and adornments were created for religious or ritual purposes, not for usefulness. Dress may be designed to help the wearer identify themselves, as well as making them appear more attractive to others.

While it is easy to understand the derivation of these applications of clothing, they are rarely linked to specific examples. many clothes that are regarded as beautiful are impractical and can hurt the wearer. Anything you wear tells the world who you are, is, was, or are going to be.

That's to be expected, because in this day and age there aren't any simple answers to complex questions. Within a relatively static culture in parts of Asia or Europe, there was no necessity for clothing styles to change due to limited movement between classes. For the wealthy, it is far less common for the poor to recognize authority than for the poor to challenge it. There was greater and better communication and manufacturing technology during the twentieth century, as a result of which new styles were accessible to everyone at an ever-increasing rates, causing trends to circulate rapidly.

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