Privacy Policy

We acknowledge that you are concern regarding how details about you are treated and collected, and we respect your credibility that we would do so responsibly and judiciously. This privacy policy explains how and its suppliers (jointly, "Nessien") gather and manage your private details via Nessien websites, apps, goods, programs, electronic and offline outlets, and technologies that relate to this privacy policy (along with "Nessien Services"). While using Nessien Services, you agree to the regulations defined throughout this privacy policy.

What Private Details Does Nessien Gather from Users?

We gather your private data in order to offer and effectively implement our services and products. Below are the categories of private data that we gather:

  • We collect and store whatever details you upload in association with Nessien offerings. You may opt not to include those details, but by doing this you will not be eligible to take benefits of all of the Nessien services.
  • We can collect details about you via different channels, along with modified shipping and contact details through our distributors, that we use to update our performance and make your future order simpler.


What Are the Purposes for Which Nessien Uses Your Private Information?

We use your private information to continue operating, deliver, continue improving the goods and services that we offer to our users. These objectives include:

  • We employ your contact details to schedule and process transactions, distribute goods and facilities, manage payments, and interact with you about purchases, services and products, and attractive schemes.
  • We utilize your private information to suggest apps, items and facilities that might be of great importance to you, to recognize your interests and to customize your journey with Nessien Services.
  • In some situations, we gather and use your private details to meet with the legislation. For example, we gather data from vendors about the area of establishment and banking information for user authentication and several other requirements.
  • We employ your private details to showcase interest-based advertisements for items, commodities/services that could be of great importance to you. We will not use details that uniquely recognizes you to show advertisements based on attraction.
  • We use private details to eliminate and track fraud and harassment in order to ensure the safety of our consumers, Nessien and others. We can also include measures of assessment to evaluate and control financial uncertainties.


Does Nessien Exchange Your Private Details?

Customer’s information is an integral aspect of our business operations. We never sell and sensitive details of our consumers to anyone. We exchange consumer private details only as mentioned here and with subsidiary companies, Inc. safeguards that are either applicable to this privacy policy or adopt policies at minimum as restrictive as those listed in this confidential information.

  • We grant permission to your services, products, apps or competencies offered by 3rd parties to be used on or via Nessien Services. We as well deliver benefits or sell consumer products in connection with third-party companies, including co-branded credit cards. You will say whether a third party is interested in the purchases, so we exchange with the 3rd party the sensitive details of the consumer contributing to such purchases.
  • We engage several businesses and people to conduct roles on our behalf. Such third-party service companies include access to the specific details they are using to execute their operations, but do not do it for unethical purposes.
  • As we continue to expand our company, we could be selling or purchasing other companies or service providers. In these deals, consumer data is usually one of the traded company resources but stays responsive to the commitments described in the previous Privacy Policy.
  • We disclose the identity and other private details if we conclude the disclosure is necessary to follow the law; uphold or extend our Terms of Use and related contract; or preserve the interests, properties or protection of Nessien, our customers, or others. It involves the sharing of data with other businesses and organizations to prevent crime and rising financial harm.


How Nessien Keep Private Data Confidential?

We build our solutions keeping your privacy and confidentiality in mind.

  • We operate effectively to secure the confidentiality of your private details by the use of encrypted data techniques and applications throughout the communication.
  • They establish human, technical and administrative protections in regards to the processing, handling and dissemination of confidential consumer details. Our protection protocols imply that we can often require evidence of identification prior we reveal private details to you.
  • The servers provide protection measures to secure them against illegal information and data misuse. You can monitor and customize these functions depending on the requirements.
  • It's mandatory that you safeguard against illegal disclosure to your password as well as to your devices, computers and programs. Be confident to log off once completed when using a common shared computer.

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