Terms & Conditions


You are welcomed into the Nessien, a worldwide online marketing site. Terms and condition provide features of the whole site, products, area of your connection, affiliation, criteria of being a member, communication systems, account creating procedure, transaction platform, and every detail of the company.  This is an electronic record that abides by the terms of information and Technology. This information elaborates and consists of the rules and regulation, privacy policy and terms of use.

Online Communication

  • We accept the acknowledgement when you send emails or documents or any information to us and when you are using a portal to describe your points.
  • You have to agree that you are connected online for the records.
  • Appropriately you can approve the obtaining correspondence through the electrical device.
  • You can receive an email, push messages, texts mobile notifications, or methods of electrical communication from us.


  • All the property such as logo, images, information, button icons, audio files, video clippings, massages and applications of Nessien are the included content and it is only available on this site.
  • The service providers are authorized by international copyright laws.
  • The Nessien service compiles every content which is available only at nession.com and it is the ultimate property of the site.

Accessible License

  • Nession service grants you a restricted license subject to the agreement and it’s a non-transferrable and non-restrictive license.
  • It helps to browse and create personal and non-professional Nession web services.  
  • The license doesn’t contain commercial service or contents of Nession, any compilation of product pages, specification or pricing objects, unauthorized service.
  • It also doesn’t involve any uploads, copying, or any account objectives with the help of a third party, data processing usage, rebooting or data storage and extraction systems.
  • You can utilize the permitted law service and it’s allocated by the company terminate when you don’t agree with the terms and conditions.
  • You can’t apply any HTML code or any secret massages utilizing the company’s brand or name without the approved permission by Nession.
  • You can’t structure any presenting techniques for enclosing the trademark, logo or proprietary secrets like images, page output of Nession without permission of consent.

Conditions of an Account

  • You have to be responsible for protecting the confidentiality related to your account and password.
  • You have to agree with the authenticate activities that take place at the time of log in to your account and password to access the system.
  • When Nession offers the validate products for children, the responsibilities of buying the product goes to adults. As they can check the product details, accessible payment method with a credit card or any valid procedures.
  • You can only use the Nession with the guidance of your guardians if you are under 18.
  • The Nession provides the option of making account holder for under 18 ages or for teenagers but there should be present parents or guardians. And in this case, it should be only household, education, dress and child care related products.
  • If you are a minimum of 21years old, then you can order alcoholic beverages from this website or any websites.
  • Nession maintains the power to reject any order, deactivating any account, termination using Nession’s service, changing the content of an account and cancelling any order for its absolute discretion.
  • You have to put your appropriate details when you are starting the conversations with Nession via the login process. And it’s compulsory when you are interested to take the benefits of Nession.
  • The Nession co-operate its customers if a person faces a charging problem from the selected payment processor.

Replacement and Refunds

  • Nession can’t allow the refund until the item reaches the distribution centre for any goods.
  • Without specifying any return, Nession can’t issue a refund for the convenience of the company and in this case, as no right to take a refunded piece.
  • You have to check the returns section when you want to know the returns details and compensation procedures.


  • The Nession patents are associated with owns services and their functions obtainable only in sites and they are operated under the license of other portions.
  • All transactions of products by Nession are considered in accordance with the contract for shipment. And this process ensures that the possibility of failure and title of the items is passed to you and upon the delivery by the courier.


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