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First, she purchased an off-the-the-rack outfit from Ann Taylor, but it didn't fit her, so she went to Ann Taylor Plus to find a better one.

Researchers are widely in agreement that the first ornaments and garments were not created for everyday use, but for rituals and religious purposes. Additional function of dress includes making the wearer more noticeable and distinguishing the wearer.

However obvious it is why the invention and continued use of such clothing is, it is hard to perceive their origins. Many clothes are considered beautiful, but provide no benefit to the wearer, and even hurt the wearer. These are some of the things that definitely give you away about who you.

One of the more frequent theories is that fashion evolved as a result of the rise of modern socio-economic classes. As in early as it was in other Asian societies, and throughout the era of Feudalism, artistic styles remained relatively static because people didn't constantly shift from one class to another. In contrast, the higher classes expeditiously makes stylistic changes when lower classes have the capacity to mimic them. Fashion now occurs faster due to improved communication and manufacturing technology, allowing for trickle-down from the elite styles to filter down to the masses.

can be used to describe the acceptance of various historical styles, among the people, according to the belief that clothing is a reflection of wealth and status. Another way to say this is that, for example, Royal courts, which often rely on clothes that are difficult to obtain and difficult to maintain, have long served as a significant creative influence in Western culture. Fezziwigs required house servants to heat irons every day, and people generally did not wear ruffs. As things become less restrictive, people lose their desire for these types of clothes, they lose their appeal. Likewise, when fabrics or materials are scarcer or more expensive, styles that depend on exposing them are fashionable.

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