Women's ankle boot with different colors

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the boot-and-on-a-the-the-elbow

Boots are mainly designed for sports activities, but are now part of daily attire as well.

In the 1870s, the coloration of the sole (the "plimsoll" in Nicholette Jones's book) created the term "Hull Line", which resembled the belt of a ship. If the rubber line on a ship, as in Plimsoll, broke, the wearer would get wet.

They were commonly worn by tourists and also began to be worn by tennis players because they are more comfortable than some of the high-top brands. Surface patterns were developed and ordered in bulk for the British Army. Tennis shoes were commonly worn by the crew of the ill-fated Scott Antarctic expedition of 1911. during the latter half of the 1950s, many British schoolchildren commonly wore pith helmets in physical education lessons.

Brand Nautica
Material Fabric Lining, Leather
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